I thought I would start writing again. Seems a lot has gone by and yet i just sit and never relate. This is a wee blog i want to start to just  get stuff out of my head…and out into happy land.

I think that this world is far too miserable. You see grumpy faces all around. If folks could just grasp the fact that being on this side of the grass, is a gift, and its fleeting…holy wow…i think we might spin round better.

I also think that if we remembered what mom taught us about manners…that what would be awesomeness to the extreme.

Spirit…we walk, with spirit…remember that.

We walk on ancestors…we are guided daily…take the time to say thanks…you are not here by some mere oops of nature…you were planned long ago…give them the respect they deserve.

At the point in time, i find my self growing up, finding a home and family after a very long road full of lessons…and hard times…but the kicker is this…i choose every path i took…so now its time to choose wisely.

I am blessed, its that simple, and if i write one thing to make you thing,jar you to move in a good way, or if you just say hey…she really is nuts…so be it…at the least…i made ya think!


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