Birthdays and Ashes

My sweety , and I,celebrated her mom’s b day by setting her ashes on the most gorgeous willow i have ever seen. She sits in a swamp like setting, right here in Midland Ontario Canada. A hidden gem my sweety discovered walking to work.  A hidden gem that calms the storms and helps wipe off all that wonderful comercialismittis off of her.

This is the thing…this hidden gems…these wee  places we go sit awhile to contemplate nothing…theses sweet spots that bring us home…we all have them…and if we don’t… we yearn to find one…and yet when they go carving up mother earth,like they are doing right now, in front of Wallyworld, in Midland…there’s nothing being said.

I do not think this here wee community can sustain one more huge conglomerate.  Wallyworld wiped out zellers, and has nearly killed the whole darn mall.  I am sure there are other factors, but come on…how do you fight the prices at wallyworld when you just a wee shopkeeper.

It’s ugly.  Simply put, to see them ripping up that field.  Its even uglier whenya go a wee bit south and see the monster called barrie wiping out farms. Sad actually.

I don’t know where this is going.  I just know I wanted to write about it…make ya see…we all need to pause a moment and take in what matters…trees…water…grass…. love.

Its been a good day in the neighbourhood…hope you had one too…peace.


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