You can sit and wonder about  what goes on in another minds for a long, long time. You will end up in the middle of nowhere.

You can try to help one who doesn’t see they need help.  You will end up with grey hair and stress marks on your face.

You can let go.  Let Creator take it and go on with the business of being happy in your life.

You can also choose to hold on tight, because miserable is all you know.

Change scares the bejesus out of folks.  It gets them right wierded out and freaky. Its funny though coz usually with change comes good.  Once gone through its all good.

Looking within, and finally figuring out that the problem is not outside of you, but it lies within, is the beginning to that change.

So, you can sit and mull about why the world is the way it, or you can get up and change the one thing you can change…you…and by doing that maybe just maybe…the rest will change as well.







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