“here i go”

life of late is like a flying comet…all kinds of stuff flying at me…im ducking to miss them but some of them hit me…im learning to bounce a lot of things to the left…seems happy is an elusive foreign substance for some…seems happy to me is all we are here for…i don’t understand how you can say a person is hard to be around when you have never taken the time to get to know said person…how can ya voice an opinion on it if ya don’t know the subject…lots of professors out there with no degrees…lots of politicians flying on the breeze…and mike duffy is on trial…they want to keep the senators…the habs are cutting it too damn close for comfort…and Alberta got doused in orange on Monday..oh yea…the green party took PEI…how cool is that???? on a lighter note…its gonna be the the hottest summer since 1881 folks…so here we go…hang on tight…and remember…happy is a way of life…not just a destination…peace….out.


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