“truth and reconcilitation”

I have been watching the events in Ottawa over the past week.  The depth of emotional pain brought on  this fabulous place called Canada to my Metis Nation, to my fellow friends and relations of the First Nations, and to the Innuit…to all who suffered and who somehow I feel flowing through my veins…it is all blood memory….and i don’t know where to put the tears anymore…so im gonna pack ’em up…and put ’em away..and start to walk in a better way with my head held up because in the end…we are here.  Proud…and willing to heal. Rebuild and restart and so much hope lies in forgiveness…there’s a lot to learn if you really watch the ones who are telling their stories…watch the courage…see the brave…and learn from that…that is what we will  need to rebuild the nation…yes…there’s pain…yes we lost many…and yes finally they are willing to tell the truth and admit the wrongs…no longer will be labeled crazy and told that those are merely stories…the schools existed…the damage done carries on in our young…wound the young…wound a nation for generations to come…simple lesson…hope we have learnt it.  Today, I stand in the East, the place for new beginnings.  Hold my head up to Creator and ask for all of us to stay in the Light.  Its never too late to start again.


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