Grandmother is walking round the lakes again…saying prayers for our dear life force…I sit in quiet reflection of all that is around me…my wee space of green in my wee town…thy are plowing up the fields and building houses…they are plowing down the trees and building roads…and new mini-malls…medic centres…and change is a coming home.

I think maybe we have forgotten, or merely just slipped our minds, that we cant eat roads, houses, minimalls or the like.  I think Midland needs some serious re-planning in that there office building they live in.

Moving the LCBO didn’t solve your downtown problem…it may even have hindered it a bit coz now poor Bourgois has to contend with the fine morning clientele and hey!  Isn’t there a college down there too…gee how does that make sense…lets park a brand spanking shiny new LCBO right in front of Georgian College, and then lets wonder why the students are missing lots of classes.

Oh Midland, how i love you, but what with our mayor and his fine resemblance to the Mayor of Whoville, I dont think we stand much of a chance.  We need less yes men and more leaders.

Elections are a coming.  I’m gonna make a stand.  I’m gonna pull for a party.  Maybe somehow it’ll trickle down to help my town, but all i know is we have been run by PC here long enough, and the town is dieing and being ripped apart a wee bit more every day.  I’m gonna go NDP.  Oh yeah I all ways do….oops just wanted to pull some of ya along.

Have a blessed day.  Watch out for wonder.


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