In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Must Not Fail.”

Fail is a pretty big word to take on…..I mean seriously… i don’t think we truly fail, i think we may miss the lesson and have a harder time to get to the answer by doing so,but i do not think we honestly fail.

I have walked a journey of wonder, misfortune, good fortune, tough times and trials…and finally the road is starting to even out…so the thing i guess i fear most is to lose the momentumt to keep walking my walk..and im powered by Creator..so i guess if was to use the word fail…if i ever failed in my spiritual program and lost my connection to Creator…that would be a big minus in my life.

Simply put,Creator gives me all i have so if i don’t have that i have nothing.  As long as i remember that one thing and then to give that love back to those around me, and not just those i know and love, then that is a sure win in my view.


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