“In the end, truths will be told as the inquiry unravels. Merci/Thankyou/Miigwetch Anne Bennett for being the brave one to open the door to the ugly truths, and that is what i think has been behind the whole train wreck that held back any looking into any of this mess.

Human beings really don’t wanna pull the rug up and see what lies beneath.  Keep it all nice, and pretty, and the problems will go away.

Well, folks, they just don’t. 

They multiply into amazing things like addictions, violence, hatred, poverty, murder to name a few.

Human beings just shouldn’t have to live like this.  We just shouldn’t.  On top of that if this is going on, and you got a government looking the other way, well come on folks.  Am I the only one that see this needs to be abolished?

Shut the whole damn thing down.  Start right from scratch.  Let’s lead with love.  Let’s remember what matters.  As a great man once said, “I am just a human being, learning how to be a human being, in a world that in which it is fastly becoming harder to be a human being. John Trudell.”

The inquiry will reveal a lot of stuff we just don’t want to know, folks, so hang on tight, keep your mind wide open.  This could be the start to true change if we allow it be from a place of love, because hate has been ruling for far too long.  Look where it has got us.”








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