John Trudell

Poet, warrior, survivor.  Passed on December 8, 2015.  The day Mark David Chapman decided to end John Lennon’s life, because he wanted to be bigger then life.

John Trudell was a humble man, of great vision, and of great sorrow.  I believe his take on Peltier’s case. I believe his take on a lot of things.

The fact that he stood up and spoke out against a corrupt government, and then his family suspiciously perishes in a house fire.  Thank Creator, John was away.

Could of been a bitter man.  Could of been an angry man turned into your stereotypical indigenous male. 

Nope, not John.  Higher calling.  Eyes set on Creator-community.  Knowing in his heart.  We are just humans learning to be humans in a world that is increasingly forgetting what it is to be human.

We will miss you.  Fly on home, in the spirit of crazy horse. I hope we can do your proud, and carry on what you so desperately fought for.

Peace, love and light will guide our way.






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