“Tis The Season”

I am Pagan.  I wont get started on the whole they have stolen our holiday’s thing.  It is just not worth my time any more. I just celebrate my stuff and let it go, or try to. Its awful hard task to accomplish when all this silliness flies at you this time of year.

I am Metis.  I wont get started on all the injustices, and wrong doings done on my people for eons now.  You all know it,at least,I hope your aware.  They hung Louis Riel. They stole our children. They sent us away to fantastic schools that left us scarred for years, but I wont go into that.

I am Two-Spirited.  I won’t get started on the whole in equality we have felt from all sides for so long.  Our beautiful tradition, squashed out nearly to extinction, to the point where some don’t even believe we exist. Yes, hard to believe folks, but their are those in 2015 that don’t believe I exist.

I am me, and I am human.  Wrapped up in all my imperfections, and my addictions that i battle daily, but Creator willing i come out more put together  then before.

I use to be a stereo -type.  It wasn’t hard to do.  All the papers, and the history books told me the way to go.

I am not putting the blame on anyone but me for the path I choose to walk, because that is my point,that,at this point in my five year walk , i see, its a choice.  It’s all about accepting life exactly as life is,and to be in that moment.

All these things I am, and use to be, they are me and if I accept that as it is, my days are pretty fantastic pieces of art.  Strung together they form years.

I was thinking about Tina Fontaine today.  It could of been me.  I feel the pain of each family member.  Our nation cries.  We fail so many in so many ways.

“tis the season, folks, lets try love instead of hate, lets try compassion , instead of disillusionment, let’s all be Zenlike and be here, in our moment and fix this world gone mad.

I am me, and I am not perfect. I am a dreamer, a seeker, a shaker of things, and I still believe love is all we need to heal.  pass it on.












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