Here we go folks.  One week to five.  I know I am suppose to be living in the day, relishing my moments, but oh this one is trying.  I have never really had thoughts running at me like ninety.  Some good.  Some bad, but all welcome, because it is growth.

I been trying to tie pieces up too lately.  I made a couple deep amends, that I dont know how they are accepted, nor will I follow them down to find out.  One does not make amends to hurt, one makes them to cleanse, and if i am bringing hurt, then it aint an amends.  The letters were sent.  Thats all I need to know.

I got some not so good news about my mom, but why fall off the deep end.  I am simply not in charge of nothing.  Its all test of my faith.  If I have faith, then why worry.  All will be as it should.

Now, I am sitting here listening to tunes that i use to drink to in the first house i owned, and it’s just surreal.  I have come pretty damn far in a short period of time.  Miigwetch to all who have help bring me here.

In this moment, I relax, and take in the beauty surrounding me, and I breath.  Remember to breath, and one day after another…boom it happens…I am just so blessed.










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