“Five Years”

I have been blessed. I am completely unworthy and yet I am blessed.  I have a house, a loving partner, a good family, cats galore, and I am blessed.

I see my world in turmoil and hatred seems to lead all…I choose love.  I choose happy.  I choose to walk a good red road.

Its has been no less then a journey of hope and prayers.  It has been lined with tears and laughter and ups and downs, and I wouldn’t change one darn thing.

The good souls Creator puts in my path to help me along my way, miigwetch, I am unworthy of your goodness. 

The souls I trampled on in my selfishness and addictions because I was  so selfishly wrapped up in me…I am deeply sorry…the best I can do is not repeat my past and make the best me I can.  Im trying.

It’s not an easy walk, but I am never alone.  That’s the big thing I had to learn, and that’s the thing that keeps me going…I am never alone.

My tool box is filled with 12 steps, 12 traditions, a sponsor, a partner, cats, little saying elders have given me…my life is surrounded by a fellowship that amazes me daily.

Thankyou.  Miigwetch. Merci.  You all helped me get life back.  The only way i know to really say thanks, is to just keep on doing what I am doing.

So, now this will come to an end.  My day will go on.  Tomorrow will come and that’s exactly what its is…just a day…just a milestone…just a start to a good life.








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