“High School Was Just Grande…NOT”

“the high school I graduated from in 1984…PSS…is closing…and low and behold this summer they are gonna have a reunion of all past students…this school and its fine students…my peers…well lets just say my anger took off like a bolt of lightening here…i am responsible for carrying it on and never doing the right thing about it…but now i can…people its ok to be different…it’s ok to have a different sense of style…it’s just ok to be you…at all cost k…andanyone who wants to make you stop coz they are too scarred to be themselves…and when they see you being yourself it scares the bejesus out of them…..walk away from them..dont let them seep into your psyche and ruin your days…they ain’t worth it…they don’t matter…my days at PSS were simple hell…and I can not believe they are having this reunion and painting our school days there as all nice and sunny…its a farce…this school was homophobic and bred homophobia…a few of my friends succumbed to suicide from it…it’s one thing to live in denial…go ahead if you want to but don’t bring it onto me…I can name the teachers that were homophobic right to my face…I am 50 and I still remember and my inner child hurts from the stuff put on me just coz i am me…ya’ll dont owe me a thing…I dont even want apologies from all the kids, i can name you all, you live in my memory…all I want is you all to remember how horrid it really was and how unpleasant you made people feel and think and change…and choose to accept people as they are…stop trying to change things you dont understand…just accept it…and all will be well…becsuae this stuff kills souls…I am so lucky to be a strong soul and i survived…and thats exactly it folks…I survived PSS…grad year 1984″


2 thoughts on ““High School Was Just Grande…NOT”

  1. *I’m sorry to learn that high school was such a miserable experience for you. When I was in high school, ( in the 60’s) two gals from the Chippewa/Oneida reserves were in my class. They were the only two native kids in the school. Sweet beautiful souls they were too. I was shocked to discover that even in the dead of winter, when school was dismissed at 3:20pm, that the girls had to wait for their school bus until 6 or 6:30 pm. Worst thing ever, I found that the school locked the doors at 4 pm and they had to wait outside, irregardless of the weather and we are in in Ontario Canada. They said they had no choice. I complained to the principal and he said he had no jurisdiction over the Board’s rules that the doors had to be locked at 4 for security reasons. There was no reasoning with the man. The treatment of these girls was just barbaric in my opinion. I told my Mum and Dad and they were outraged. From that day forth, Genevieve and Barbara came home with me after school. Mum would give us hot chocolate and cookies etc. and we would start our homework together. My Dad would get home around 5:30-5:45 and the girls would put on their coats and he would drive them back to the school and wait in the warm car until the bus arrived. It was often late. My Dad complained vigorously to the Board about the girls’ treatment but he said they did not care – the response – it was ” just two Indians”. It was beyond our comprehension that people would be treated like this in a supposed civilized society. However, I forged a wonderful friendship with the girls and learned so much about their culture and lives. Things have improved somewhat today but there is still a lot of room for improvement!


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