“Sunny Thoughts”

“Why is it easier to talk around the subject then talk to the subject…is that not gossip…is that not like kinda like letting your fear guide you…i wouldn’t want to be like that…i wouldn’t want anyone to treat me like that…I want up front honesty and truth at all cost…so I give that out…sorry if you cant take it but thats not my issue either…I am also not gonna hide where I come from, what paths I travelled to get to here today, nor will I sugar coat any of the torment.
I also wont hide the joy, and happiness I feel on a daily basis just from taking a mere breath. I am human, and i will make mistakes, but there in lies the twist. There are no mistakes, merely lessons. I am not ashamed of one thing i had to do to get to today, I am not ashamed of the way I have to live today to have a today….I walk in spirit…and it guides me…I’m not wrong. You’re not wrong…I and you are living. …and the joy of it all… if if i let you live as you choose to live, as you creator guides you to live, then you shall do the same unto me…I hope….So I will more then likely all ways be loud and proud, and I will probably all ways step on toes and shake ya up…but have the balls to talk to me if you see a problem and remember this one golden rule of being human…You can not love and forgive wholly while judging and pointing fingers and when you do that it is all ways a reflection of how you see yourself….so maybe give yourself a bit more love, and that will free you up to give a bit more to those around you and maybe just maybe this will make the world a better place to be”

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