“Here We Go!!!”

David Bowie passed away this week.  I haven’t written a thing on that.  I just cant find the words to express the love and admiration I feel for this man. He helped shape my eclectic sense of music.  He opened my eyes up…He showed me courage and bravery.  Being different in a small town didn’t seem so bad when ya could escape with Bowie.

Alan Rickman passed away this week.  My hope is that people will be moved so as to look beyond his fantastic portrait of “Snape” in “Harry Potter”, and thereby see the genius of this man.  My personal opinion is that “dogma” was the best damn thing he ever did.  I love you Alan Rickman. Fly on to a sweeter place….For me…You will all ways be….The voice of “god”.

 René Angélil passed away this week.  The mastermind behind Celine Dion.  The love of her life. Sweet man. Gave lots back to his beloved Quebec.  Tous simplement un beau bonhomme que le monde est un tit peut plus petit sans.  I pray for his sons and Celine.  I can not put into words how you must feel…I’d be a big empty hollow hole in my soul if I were to lose my love.

Three huge souls gone from our world, sweeping on into the next one.  This is the beginning of 2016, folks.  This is the kick start to the new year.  I heard there’s a tropical storm on the way.  First time this has happened since the 30’s.

I think it’ll be a year of transformations, and hold on to your seats.  it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

Thank-you/merci/miigwetch to the three for all the memories.  Art makes life worthwhile.  You are the keepers of the soul of society, so thanks for dropping in for a bit and sharing that with all of us.  The world was a bit better with you all in it.









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