I happen to share a birthday with Bob Marley.  February 6 is the day.  I turned 51.

I am not ashamed of my age, or of getting older.  As a matter of fact, I am quite amazed I made it this far.  My alcoholism has ruptured many  dreams, and put me in places I would of rather not gone.  Such is life.  This is my walk. I walk a red road now. Five years sober and going strong.

I have just returned from a meeting  for recommendations on how we, the survivors, family and loved ones of the many missing and murdered indigenous women, would like an inquiry formed to solve this problem.

All i know is…we need to include the homeless, they have no voice.  We need to include the trans world.  We need to include all because every life has a value.  Every life has someone somewhere that loves them.  Every one matters.

I so easily could be on the other side of this fence.  My loved ones could be sitting right here wanting justice for my life.  I came so close.  I hung out with some of these women in the DTES in Vancouver.  Many of my street sisters are missing, gone, murdered.

I was moved by the ministers.  I was moved but their honest caring, and their sharing of their own stories.  I think that is a very important point to ponder.  They have horror stories in their lives as well.

I don’t know where my next step will take me. I throw my hands to the sky, and ask humbly for guidance.  I know that my story is a vital one, it echoes of those that are gone.  I could be your sister, niece, cousin, etc.  I am here to share my story, and help change the world somehow.  I will remain sober with Creator willing, for that is how I will touch souls and maybe move some mountains.

I turned 51 yesterday.  I don’t regret one thing I have had to do to get to here.  I have made my amends.  I have no quilt.  I continue to do the best I can with what I have, and be the best me I can, and with that knowledge, I will try to help my people heal.

We need love and compassion for those who struggle so, for those that just cant’t take life on life’s terms, we need to help these souls and stop judging these souls, because look at me…I could of been one too.

So, take a minute in your day.  Stop and think before you judge.  What one does to live their life is mostly predetermined by the shit put on them as children.  So, we need to heal out inner children before we can ever heal another. I think that is key.

Happy Birthday Bob.  We need to remember your words. One love.  It will heal us all.
















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