“Mental Health”

I just returned from visiting a friend who is hospitalized.  Why do we insist on hospitalizing people who have mental health issues?  It is not a sickness that cant be cured.  It can be managed but you have to have the people in place who care enough to see its managed properly.

There’s something wrong with a world that allocates major funding for schools to implements mental health programs, and you have parents who wont even accept their child’s true problem.  So how does a child heal, when everyone around them is in denial of the problem?

Then you have the other end of the scale where you have people accessing these funds and they don’t even need it.  We need a caring system that weeds out the drama queens and honestly helps the children who need and want help.

We need to ask the hard questions.  We need to stop theses children from just jumping on the bandwagon.  These children that are in despair and need true help, we need to honestly look at what they are living in and with and we need to start addressing that situation.  I am not saying run into every house where a kid has problems and remove them.  What I am saying though is don’t just analyze the child, look at the adults and have the balls to make them get the help they need.  If they don’t do that, why help them?

I truly believe that all adult problems with mental health and the like, like addictions, all stem from childhood trauma.  Break a child.  You break society.  You don’t fix that problem now you will just have a bigger problem later, and that child will grow up to have children to only do the same thing all over again.

Adults need to realize if your kid has a problem, it is not necessarily a direct reflection of you. Its a direct reflection of you if you are not addressing your own issues, and that is therefore seeping down into the way you care for the child.  I do believe we have a responsibility to heal ourselves first and foremost before insisting another soul seek help, because hurt souls hurt souls.  

Now, back to my sweet friend, who is now in a hospital due to the lack of caring professionals who over medicated the man for years, and just sort of shoved him along.  He needs an advocate to help him. He is all alone and that’s not right. 

Where are those agencies that he is associated with now?  Now that he is in dire straights,  no one is there.  So many questions running through my head, but the bottom line is this.  We need to find the compassion in our society again. These children need their whole families getting help, not just them.  Metal health is a family dis-ease.  Treat the family, not just the one person, and that will lead to education, and maybe, just maybe, that will make a better world for all of us.








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