“Puppet Master”

Did you know the world is all ready written in the pages of his/herstory.   Just saying.  So, now, that I have your attention, let’s move on.

It took me awhile to realize the gifts thrown at me that lay at my door.  I am walking in a way that is filled with daily amazement.  Where is life going?

I know only one thing. It’s all ready written.  My only work to do is listen, and then be brave enough to pick up whatever tools lay around me, and pursue the words I heard.

Healing.  My life is about healing.  If I wanna help souls, I have to heal me, because hurt people hurt people.  I have seen this in my lifetime.

I don’t even think they know it.  So there can be no resentments.  Simple humility at the knowing that they are the lost ones, and its not my place to point that out, but it is my place to move on, and pray they get the help they need.

Lately, as I turn my mind to the Puppet Master,  things unfold before me and I see where I am being taken.  I am willing to follow.    As my anger subsides, and kindness flows in, as I let the seven teachings take my heart, my walk is lighter.

I woke up this morning so blessed.  I laid my tobacco and said move me.  Now, i await for the adventure.  Each day a new one.  Knowing all along, You have the book all ready written, I am merely playing my part, and all I have to do is trust.

What’s not to trust?  Am I not here?  After a life of horrible discontent, and shallow beginnings, I am here, right here, right where I am suppose to be.  Move me.

Shake me to real, and allow me to love my fellow humans back to health, back to life…Heal me so I can pass it on.

The world is full of bumps and bruises, that’s just the way it is.  If you can learnt to ride them, and realize your just a puppet in a play all ready written…All will be well.  May your days be filled with awe.

“Do understand that you are destined for enlightenment. Cooperate with your destiny, don’t go against it, don’t thwart it. Allow it to fulfil itself. All you have to do is to give attention to the obstacles created by the foolish mind. In the light of calm and steady awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part.”Nisargadatta Maharaj







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