Here I go…on the wings of eagles I shall fly…I dont know what i experienced this past week…I have tried to sit down to jot it all down, and yet English fails me.  Quand je vas la,  les mot proches de mot coeur, sons toujours…francais…language is culture…we gotta learn that.I see it coz i keep have of mine but the other I need to learn, to make me whole, to help me come home in a better and bigger way, to help my people unite.

Unity…all clans come together to work as one to get the job done…the job is…healing mother earth…thereby healing us…in…Unity.

I have choose comfy over adventures, let fear slip in, and i am too awake for that right now.  The torment of the twisted me returning is enough to make me rewrite the draft.

I believe the revolution is coming.  i believe it will need us all with our many tools to work as one, and be community.  i am taking one year to get my schooling done, secure a vehicle and a license, and then packing up me and the kitties up, and away we go for nibi.

I am thinking before jumping now.  I am plan in motion cant plan the outcome and can not wait for the adventures.  I thought I’d be here longer, but when one step up is two steps back, well, i have done that far to long and i hear Creator.

I am afraid, and I look beyond and see the fear is just a mask to the hope and all i need is to believe and all will be well…Abundance will  fall on me.  Instinct lead my way, and most of all…love guide me.  I just can’t not-not  hear the calling now…and a house is a house.. they stay put…most turtles I know…take there’s with them….i’m becoming my clan…miigwetch.








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