“I want to build something in my backyard. A huge Stanley Peltier tee-pee that will attract all.  Bring in elders.  Have fires.  Talk till dawn.  Bring in the youth.  Sit down, and chat.  Take them out, to the bush, with friends, on excursions to explorer souls.  

Embrace the language teachers.  Bring them in.  Have lessons.  Network with others who are building canoes, teaching songs, learning drums.

I want to come home to soul, and I want to share that with all.  I want smiles and laughter and I am just so tired of all this gloom and doom.

I can not do this alone, nor do I want to, nor am I suppose to.  This is my simple call out to all who may read this ( all be it I think far fewer do then I think and I think only 2 do).

If you feel a pull, or a tug, or you see something here and ya wanna jump on.  I have the yard.  I have wood to build stuff with.  I have no teepee yet.  I have Stan as friend/elder/teacher though!!!!! If I gave sema…ya just never know. I am nothing but full of hope. I also have fine spot for tree fort, but i have sister Stacey in charge of that.

I am just a dreamer, but I see where we are headed and it’s just not good.  I see the lost looks in eyes, we need more then technology.  This stuff is leaving us hollow and sidelined by life.

Heal the Earth. Clean the Water.  Learn your Mother Tongue.  Be whole.  Come on folks. I sound like a tired old John Lennon song, and I just don’t care.

Nothing’s going right, so let’s go left.  Right off grid…and let’s prepare and plan and let’s start with a base…a place to meet and charge up…let’s build it in my backyard!!!”









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