“Standing Rock”

“I just don’t understand how anyone can get opposed or upset at the people who are setting up camp…there are over 1000 souls there to protect our Mother Earth…that is everyone’s Mother Earth eh not just the First Nations…why are people so upset that we want to protect Nibi??? It is everyone’s water and it is all the same water…so why do people get so upset when we set up camp, walk around bays, take canoes to the waters???? I think its coz we are showing their lame asses up and we help them to feel like they should be doing this too but being blinded by society and all the rest they fail to make the stand out of fear of alienation from their “peoples”…I could be wrong…it could be something totally different but i know this…this is what i fight for…this is not about me…this is about the next seven and I want there to be forest and water and life left for when i go…and i also know my ancestors didn’t do all they did to put me here today so I can just sit back and wait for someone else to stand up and do the right thing.
So criticize me all you want, roll your eyes when i speak my truths, but i am not stopping, and I will continue to walk with my ancestors as they smile upon me, and i follow spirit, and do the right thing….Stand up and be all you can be.”


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